We are committed to ensuring Rockstar presents Wireless Finsbury Park is a place to celebrate connection in all its forms: not just to music, arts, and culture, but to the environment and each other. This charter sets out Rockstar presents Wireless Finsbury Park’s commitments to that.

As a festival and as a team we deeply value diversity and inclusion. We recognise and celebrate diversity in our audience and the team that brings Rockstar presents Wireless Finsbury Park to life. We will not tolerate discrimination because of someone’s disability, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity in any form. Discriminatory words or actions have no place at Rockstar presents Wireless Finsbury Park.

As set out in our Green Nation Sustainability Charter, we recognise our responsibility to preserve the live music experience for generations to come and have a tremendous opportunity to inspire climate action at Rockstar presents Wireless Finsbury Park.


We acknowledge the impact that our business has on the environment, are committed both to telling the truth about the scale of the climate and ecological emergency, and to taking urgent action.

Our primary impact areas are transport and energy, as well as waste, water, food and beverage, and the effect of the festival on the flora and fauna of the site. Each of the festival’s environmental impact areas have been assessed in the context of their impact on, and the contribution to reaching the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals[1].

[1] Eleven of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals are directly relevant to live music events and are listed here: 3 – Good Health and Well-being, 4 – Quality Education, 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy, 9 – Industry, 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, 13 – Climate Action, 14 – Life Below Water, 15 – Life on Land, and 17 – Partnership for the Goals.