Info category — Staying Green


We hope you love Finsbury Park as much as we do and want to help us keep it one of London’s favourite green spaces. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the festival and need your help to make it happen.


We run a three-bin system at the festival, which means every bin station will be formed by three bins:

FOOD AND COMPOSTABLE FOOD PACKAGING – When you buy food from the traders at Wireless Festival, everything your food comes in is Compostable: Plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed into the Food and Compostable Food Packaging bins along with the food scraps. Please make sure that NO PLASTIC goes into the compost.

EMPTY CANS, BOTTLES, AND BEER CUPS – Please only out aluminium cans, plastic bottles, and beer cups in this bin.

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE – For all other waste that cannot be composted or recycled, including extinguished cigarette butts and greasy pizza boxes.


BIN YOUR BUTTS: Every cigarette butt has to be picked up by hand, so please put out your cigarettes and bin them in an ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE bin.


All cans, cups and bottles will have a 10p deposit included in the price to encourage their return to the Return Points. These items have to be sent to specialist facilities to be recycled after the festival, so please return your cups and bottles to help us recycle and to receive your refund. Return a minimum of 5 items for a 50p refund on your card.


We have banned single-use plastic at Wireless 2023, meaning plastic cutlery, and single-serve sachets will no longer be available in any festival area.


Tap water is free. Please feel free to refill your water bottle at the taps provided.


On the Saturday and Sunday of Wireless, Climate Live will be onsite with their stage bus, hosting music from up and coming artists and talks about climate action. Find them on the Seven Sisters Road side of the site, near to the main entrance.



The emissions from travelling to the festival make up 80% of the entire festival’s carbon footprint (source: The Show Must go On Report, 2020). Coach travel and public transport is much better for the environment. See the Big Green Coach pick up locations here and the best ways to travel via public transport here.